If you are in Vegas, go to Nelson !

Nelson, NV 2013

During my stay in Las Vegas, I went to a place named NELSON where a movie was shot a few years ago. As they, the crew, were finished with the shooting, they asked the owner of the ground if they could let all their stuff or if they have to clean it all up. The owner told them to let everything and now he asks for a fee when you come to make some photography. Nelson is 30 minutes away from Vegas and is closed to the Eldorado. It’s a part of the gold rush history.

I heard about this in the blog of Frank Doorhof, a photographer and Kelby-Trainer. So when I knew I would go to Las Vegas I knew I had to get there. But I made a mistake. I did not check when it’s best to get there, meaning when does the sun light the scene. Well, the right moment to come is in the morning. We went in the evening. 😦

It was cold, no sun, so I decided to make some shots of the old cars and that was it. We will fly over the ocean again next year and this time I will have my Quadra with me and we will be in April or May… in the morning ! 🙂


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