Be ready to change your plans !

Nelson, NV 2013

It’s cold.
I have been thinking of this day for months and now that is there, I realize the sun has gone. We should have come in the morning so that the sun would light my location. And it’s max 35°F. A bit windy. At this point his does not change anything. My wife, and fav model, is really not motivated and my experience teaches me so far that pushing a model who is not a pro and who does not want is simply not a thing to do : it generates tension and you can see that on the pictures.

Ok, let’s make some shots of the things messing around. Nelson is a very cool place for shootings : there are old cars of any kind, trucks, gas station, small houses… All this was a decoration for a movie. Click here for more details.

This not the shot I wanted to shoot. No, really not. But for my shot, I would have had to come in the morning and in spring. With a willing model I would have hired.

You know what?
I am really flirting with the idea of flying to the Photoshop World in Vegas next September. And then, I will – Oh YESS! – look for a model and I will make my shooting.

So here is my tip today : Be ready to change you plans but stick to them ! 🙂

More to come…


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