Fun !

Las Vegas, NV - 2013

Sometimes it’s simply fun to make a cool snapshot. I am not talking about pictures you would sell or put on your walls, no, just an elaborated snapshot.
Look at this picture above. Is it a portrait worth a million ? Well if you feel like signing me a check, well ok, go ahead. 🙂
It’s just a portrait of wife I made while walking down the strip in Vegas.
I saw the lights and thought it would be a kind of funny crown.

Now why am I posting about this?
Reason one is that is like a game : you hunt the funny composition, keeping in my mind it has to be done like snap! Done. So you keep you eyes wide open and you learn to scan location very quick. With time, you’ll get a 6th sense and you will focus on the essential things.
Reason two are your relatives you are travelling with. They don’t want to model all the time (yep, we do not live in a perfect world, accept it!). And they want memories of the journeys, parties, travels, holidays. Just memories, no jobs. And this is exactly a good compromise.

Making so, your partner will then agree that  you take more time for your landscape’s photography. For instance, like this one below !

Valley Of Fire, Nevada - 2013

The composition is a classic. Okay, not the kind of picture that will help you to get the gold medal of originality but who cares, man, this is the kind oh picture which are so iconic we all want to do once. So I did (at that very moment it would have been more clever to be in Nelson…). The composition is easy : there is a foreground (=road), a middle ground (= red rocks) and a background (= blue mountains). And you need them all 3 to have interesting landscape and, I dare to say a good photo in general.

I needed some compression and a good exposure. So, how do you get this ?

Well? Matrix gives to less contrasts in my opinion, so I went for the spot metering. But on what should I meter? I decided to meter on the road to get a 18% grey on it as I thought it would not be far away from a grey card. The result is very OK.
A few words about the processing. The grass on the sides of the road was a little to bright. So I used a way to select the part of the picture which have to stay unchanged, the rest goes darker. It takes time. But when you create an action, it it is done in Zak! nothing. I have not discover this trick, I owe it to Frank Doorhof. And this why I call it the “Doorhof Vignette.”

I will write a longer article about it in next days!

So stay tuned… More to come…


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