Let your friends drive…

… And shoot thru the window!

California 2013

One thing is really cool, it’s taking pictures from the road. I will not recommend to shoot while driving guys, you could sue me for that if have an accident on the way. No, there is another way to do it: let her or him drive you, grab your camera and shoot. Cars are not the most comfortable place to shoot from, I agree, but it offers you point of view you would not have otherwise. Like this shot above.

This means, pick up the roads that you may stamp as  NOT so interesting and drive those parts. So that you can say, after one or two hours:” Sweat hart, can you drive now? It is your turn now!”

Well if “sweat heart” is not sweat heart but your colleague, you can pretend to be tired or whatever in that direction.


My second tip today is : when you are in a city you poorly know, take a cab and shoot! After a while you will realize that traffic jams are not always a bad thing.

The shot above was shot in LA on the highway 405, my brother in law was driving at speed of… 100km/h which is something like 70 miles per hour. I saw the skyline, the yellow sign and told myself it could cool! Don’t be afraid of failures because at this speed, you need to be lucky!

more to comme….

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