MY TIP FOR 2014 : Kick My Ass & I will Never Give Up !

Kick Your Ass !

Looking back is always a good thing when it comes down to make a break and see what you have learned and determinate where you want to go to.

2013 has definitely a key-year in my photographical life. It all started thanks to Frank Doorhof ( As I was surfing the web, I found a video at the B&H homepage (, the biggest shop for photographers worldwide. The video showed me all the way to go and also where to look for information : that path led me to Kelbytrainings ( Then it all went fast. I joined a photo-club and a quickly realized that I needed to learn the studio technics and photoshop. Thanks God and my Dad who took me to museums as I was a kid, I have an eye.

Next step was to find models, knowing that they might be not satisfied with the result. That has been several times the case, and looking back, I guess I was overestimating me. Well, and it was ok, since if not I would not have given it a shot. I tried, I failed, I learned, I retried, re-failed (a little less)…. The learn process was on the way. I now am where I wanted. I can make great shots, meaning by that pictures I love to look and look again. I do not have to make a living of it – I have a 8a-5p job – and models now start to contact me.

I still learn every day, by every single shooting. And I stick to it because I love what I am doing.

So, do like me : stick to your dream and practice, practice, practice again and again and never give up.

And sometimes I need someone to kick my ass when I am feeling blue, when I think the dream is too big.
2013 I have learned to “socialnetwork” : Facebook, G+, this blog, twitter…

2014 will be the year I will try to get a name. A little, I do not need a big one. It’s just, I secretly shoot nice pictures, and, maybe, if I don’t move my ass, I will stay the best kept secret. It will be something to learn : how and where do I knock at the right door…

We stay in touch.

more to come…


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