Get better Backgrounds in 6 Steps !

FF Götzendorf

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about learn effects and I picked up my last shooting to give examples about being able to improvise and still feel confident. The title of this post was : the things you learn on the way!

Well, I have learned a few things during the shooting which happened to be complicated since nothing went right, but also in the editing, especially when it comes down to boost your background.

So I have decided to share my new technic :

1 ) Select your main subject which will not be affected by filters.

2) Chose a 250pxl as feather

3) Invert the selection

4) Control J or Command J (depending if you are a window or Mac user)

5) Apply your filter(s)

6) Play with the opacity

Now, if you are really good, create you backgrounds on location. That’s the best way to go. But if, like me during this shooting, you have messed it up, you can still try these 6 steps !

Feel free to ask me tips per email if you want, I answer within 24 hours.

More to come !


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