The steps beginners do and should not ! :-)

The will to be a pro.


The  20ies are back !!!


I think many beginners and by that I mean guys like you and me, “Just Guys With A Cam” tend to think the wrong way at first. The dslr is just unboxed and soon you think you want ti become a pro-photographer: you look for models and assignments.


The truth, but you realize this long after, you definitely are not ready for that. At this point you have no idea what you want to shoot. Besides you have no clue what’s a photog’s life is made of.


I made this way myself and l lost a lot of time.


What is GAS?
The first catch to avoid is the so-called GAS.

GAS stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Somehow you feel you have to get the newest gear and lie to yourself. Because we actually all know one cam  and a few lenses is all you need to make good shots. It’s like an addiction. I am not addicted and now I don’t even think about buying new stuff. But back in the days, I did. I own 3 cameras and maybe 12 or 15 lenses. I have been able to stop that cur. But the think is while you are focusing on the technic you simply just do not shot and experiment.


I have found a blog about Olivier Duong who had GAS. He wrote about it in his blog:


It takes time and practice to discover what kind of photographer you really are. Some want to be fashion photographers but they have no skills to make the models feel at ease. Some shoot landscape but are not able to make nice compo while they can shoot sport much better. I have been trying a lot, I am still doing and in my case that’s OK because I do not shot to play my bills. I know one Austrian photographer who seems unable to decide what he wants: he said he is a wedding photog but you never see weeding on his portfolio and then he says : I am a corporate photographer. The sad thing ist hat after one or to shots he gives and  wants again to be weeding photog… You see what I mean: there is a kind of coolness pretending being gifted to be a photographer. I am not speaking bad about him, what I want to say is : being a photographer seems to be more important than photographing. If this pays bills at the end of the month… Well… hum…


The f2,8 syndrome

An other very common thing is the need all new owner of a dslr is to shoot at f2,8. And to disregard the lenses opening from f4 to f22. This way to go shows only one thing: you don’t understand what is all about. Since there is no right or wrong way per definition : it all depends on the picture you want to shoot. So my Tip is _ yes try out 2,8 but try also f4, f8, f11… and learn when is to use what f-stop.


Next post will be about the compo we all go thru…

more to come…


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