Lady in Red

Last summer I did a few shootings in Portugal, in a region called Algarve where almost more brits live there than locals.
We loved the light and the colors, especially the so called golden hour.

We bought a red dress (10€ in a Chinese shop) and we spent a few days to look for locations.

We found a interesting place in Lagos : on the top of the hill, there is a lighthouse and I noticed an interesting wall to be used as a background. It’s pretty windy there and this was hard light. No an easy shooting for my model. But we managed to get nice shots like this one.

Then, on the back to the center of Lagos I saw this building, obviously in bad shape and deserted, sadly it was forbidden to get inside.


The last pictures below are shot while we were waiting to go to a fish restaurant behind the deserted house. The funny thing is that we actually were finished with making pictures. But we could not resist and they are the best in my opinion.
So here is my tip of the day, my two cents so to say : keep ready for the not planned things. Have your cam this you, always.

Here an example of using a door as a frame.

Portugal Too bad that my model was not close to the unknown couple at the window.


More to come… (tomorrow in french !)


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