Silver Efex Pro – Last Part

Hi guys!

Ok now that we have seen the tools, lets have a deeper look and see what happens when you start combining them all together.

So let’s start with the film’s simulations.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-28 um 17.52.22
Here as you can read, the film is ILFORD DELTA 100 PRO. I have just chosen it among the other by clicking in the down-roll menu. This is only thing I did. But well, I am not satisfied, this is not the look I want. Let’s see what happens when I use a blue filter besides.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-28 um 17.52.35

Oh yes! Much better indeed.
Now, I like the fall of the greys on her skin, but I think the back ground is way to hell, and somehow it is flat.
How to fix this ? Well of course you can Photoshop this but you can use the selective correction tool. Click on the point on the point of control and place it where you and to make some adjustments. Done? Ok. Now with your mouse, set the size on the effect = the part which will be affected by your mods. You can see this area when you activate the point of control (here with the “√” close the 73%). In the dark that’s that part of the picture which is NOT affected, the brighter it is, the more the mods will apply.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-28 um 18.07.07

Do you see the cursor for HE (stands for Brightness in german (Helligkeit)). KO has nothing to do with boxing but is for Contrasts, ST for Structure. Got it? Okay, so let’s reduce the brightness (done : as you can see the curser is set more to the left than the 2 other I haven’t moved).

Here’s the result :

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-28 um 17.53.42

OK. It’s all a question of personal taste. But my point is somewhere else : within 10 seconds you can achieve so much! Now you can add grain just by playing with the cursor like this :
Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-28 um 18.17.29
It’s set at 10 which is very few. I don’t think it looks good but it helps to see what I mean. Of course you should use this tool carefully.

And what if you change your mind and want to try a red filter instead of the blue one ? Well just click on the red one. That’s easy as that.

I think you got the way it works : same thing for borders, tinting, etc… YOU CAN COMBINE EVERYTHING.

There is only one limit : yours.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-28 um 18.22.21
Here I have chosen the 004 preset (left), film is still Ilford Delta 100 pro, no filter, no grain (set at 500), Tinting is #24 a gold/yellow one, I added a vignette effect, with border type #12.

Too yellowish to me but I think you now see how it works !


more to come…


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