Memories of NYC…

f New York - Central Park - reader

For most of non US-Citizen, NYC is the real capital of the United States of America. Because this is the city that scratches the sky and never sleeps.

I remember my first Impression when I arrived for the first time in Manhattan.. It was on a rainy and foggy wednesday and as we left the Subway, we saw the huge and proud buildings of the financial district and we were really impressed.

Central Park is in the middle of Manhattan. Guys like those ones come here to enjoy the calm, the playgrounds, meet friends or simply to relax reading a book or just doing nothing. And why not, go to the restaurant BOATHOUSE you can see in so many movies (When Harry Met Sally or 27 Dresses…). Perfect to relax in a very lovely charming place.

Baseball is very popular but for us it is a boring sport unless you really have understood the rules. But it did not matter at all. What we wanted was just to get a little of the American Way of Life.


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