Before and After

I have read a great book by Brian Smith – Secrets Of Great Portrait Photography – in which I could see that even guy like him retouches a lot in Photoshop. I don’t want to reveal what he does but trust me, he does retouch. In a very nice and pleasant way in my opinion. CC is the new darkroom for photographers. At the very end of his book you see a RAW file of portrait of Richard Branson. And right after he shows the result of his retouching. By the way, this book is full of anecdotes about the stars he shot. A must read.

Since then, I have no problem at all with retouching. I thing you can get an OK shot from an average one, a good one from an OK shot. But a bad shot is a bad shot.

Well here an example:

My RAW file :

20140110-DSC_5186-1 Kopie

And what it becomes 10 minutes later :


For information about this retouching, please visit this!

More to come…


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