How Do I Get This Look ?

Do you always know to get a special look you see on ads in magazines?

I don’t.

I just give it a shot, hopping to get lucky. And I am lucky, I want to share it. Sharing is the reason why this blog exists. So when you read this blog, I hope you get informative posts and I also want you to keep in mind I am not a pro there might be other more effective ways to get the job done. It’s just a sharing platform based on “how to”.

This being said, I love the grungy look of some commercials for men. Like this look :

Mister B

How do you get this ?

1) Take your RAW files and…

2) enter these settings (names may change, but not the position of the
(don’t know the name in english for this).
For my Blog

3) Depending of the shot, settings may vary a little.

4) Go to TOPAZ Restyle (a great pluggin you can download here).

5) In Topaz, select the SOFTLIGHT mode

6) chose your favorite tinting and click on apply.

You are done ! 🙂

More to come…


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