Are some people easier to shoot?

Miss J

This question may sound hard somehow. But along the way, I have to say the answer is yes. Well MY answer is definitely a YES : some people look nicer in front of the camera than others (like me). I don’t want to be rude but that’s simply the way it is. Miss J (above) looks nice, she is full of joy, always ready to laugh and it provides this tiny little thing which is magic and you feel in a picture. Her face catches the light in a pleasant way and… although this was her first shooting, she just felt alright and had fun. And this makes the all difference. She’s 19 and her skin is not perfect. Age is not everything. Her body shape is nice, and she has a lovely smile.

Would you trust me if I were saying it does not help to get a nice picture ?

Now, all this brings nothing if the model looks good but looks tired (well, if it is for a commercial for Valium, maybe then it’s OK) or bored or not self-confident.

So yes it helps, but this is no guaranty for a WOW shot!

More to come…


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