The 10 things you should now about editing

Do you really like doing this ?

When the shooting is over, when the strobes are back in their boxes where they will sleep waiting for the next model, when the memo card is full, that’s when the fun stops and the real work begins.

Now, Don’t get me wrong, shooting needs a lot of attention, especially when you shoot unexperienced models. But this is also the time you are creative. So what happens next? You get home, load the pic in your PC/iMac and you have to start to make decisions. Depending on the type of shooter you are you have 300 pics (=2 hours shoot) or much more. I am the kind of guy who prepares more and shoot less. 50 pics pro set, sometimes more, sometimes less, but most of the time if I fail to nail it, I just move on.

The way I go is :

a) Get rid of your blurred + eyes closed + bad composed shots

b) Many of shots are alike. Just keep 10% of the pictures which are ok of each setup

c) Now the difficulty really begins. Just follow your instinct and pick up 3 pics / setup

After this go to photoshop and start the retouching.

d) This is actually my message tonight : retouch and go.

e) Come back the day after and see what you’ve done with new eyes. And ask your friends /wife /husband to have a look at your babies.

f) Be ready to reconsider you mind.

g) When having doubts, just make a second version

h) apply d) and jump back to i)

i) once you are done with the best 3 pics / setup, then choose the best ones.

j) Forget the rest. Who wants the second best? We want the best. Always. Because this is how we want to be seen as an artist and photographer. We do not want to be the second best. We want to be the one. So your pics have to be the ones.

Miss J

AND FINALLY I WENT FOR “Less is more!”

At the end of the day, it’s all a question of personal taste!

more to come…


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