Summer, summer, summer…


Typically I mostly shoot in studio in the winter since it’s cold outside. Spring is there and offers new perspectives. But spring is not sustainable : it rains, it may be cold and windy… I love summer.
I can’t wait to shoot models outside with my quadra or simply with my reflectors. And shoot things that tell a story like this one above!

What to say about this picture :

I was thirsty and I ordered a beer. I loved the color and I thought it is a good color combination : blue, yellow / thirst, bier, beach… The line of the sea is on 1/3. So is the glass (the first 1/3 from the left). the line of the sea cuts the glass on a 2/3 of the beer (not the glass), the lines of the “umbrellas” lead to the glass. The yellow flag is the third corner of the bottom-of-the-glass/top-of-the-glass/flag and this provides dynamic. It is also ont the 1/3 line (vertical one).

Post pro is done in CS5 using DxO filters and Nik Sharpener.


More to come…


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