10 tips for best pictures with smoke !

Applying for VOGUE Italia

Hi Everybody !

I am a fan of Frank Doorhof’s online videos (Kelbyone.com or at http://www.frankdoorhof.com). And Frank does amazing things with smoke. He means that it brings the little piece of magic, the tiny thing that brings your shot to the next level. Go and visit his homepage, it’s every minute worth !


What did I do ?

I got one and I started different shootings. Trust me, it is way not as easy as it looks like. And this why I want to share my tips :

1) Have assistant with you : He will be the one who will hold the machine
2) The remote system has most of the time a short wire. So you can’t be behind the cam and activate the smoke machine at the same time
3) Let the smoke come from behind the model or at least from the sides otherwise your model will disappear in the fog.
5) Put gels on the strobes or add colors in CC
6) Use Tonal Contrast or Details Extractor on the smoke. They are filters you can use in Color Efex Pro 4 by Google/NIK.
7) Be patient and make a lot of shots.
8) After a while, a little fog stays in the air, so you will have to open the windows to let fresh air come in.
9) Or go for this look !!!!
10) You don’t have to buy an expensive fog machine. Mine was a new one and I got it for 29.90 €uros.

More to come !


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