Tips for HDR Pictures !

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.


Normally, the cameras have a sensibility of 7 or 8  f-stops from totally black to totally white (DSLR).

Now, the human eye sees much more dynamic. When you have a face placed between you and the sun, you still can see the mouth, the eyes,… a cam doesn’t. A cam would show a black silhouette.

There is a way to avoid this, it’s too shoot HDR. HDR must not be Highly Destructive Retouching.

1) Compose and set the shutterspeed and the f-stop.


2) set you cam on M-Mode

3) Over expose + 1 Stop and +2

4) Now go down to the reference setting and underexpose -1, -2, -3,… -6

5) Load the 8 pictures in HDR-Application like NIK HDR Pro and see the result.

6) Chose the preset you want, apply and to go to Photoshop to fix all it might need to.

HDR have to be shot with the cam on a tripod, so you avoid the ghosting effect. And I use a remote system to take the shots.


More to come…

(The 2 shots were taken in San Francisco in the end of 2013)


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