My First Landscape with Fuji X-E1

Gmunden, Austria

This picture was shot in Gmunden, Austria as we, my colleagues and I, were having a get together event in Gmunden, Austria. This place is well-known for its landscapes : lakes and mountains, I guess this is how you can sum it up! 🙂

The picture above is a nice composition. Again, you have a for- middle- and background, those 3 elements you need in a picture to create depth. It’s retouched, just a little, and what’s is really blowing me away it’s the way colors are close to the real ones. I have only changed some contrasts and sharpened he picture, nothing done with the colors.

Salzkammergut, Gmunden, Austria
Not a picture I am really a fan of, but it was taken at ISO 800 in the early morning around 5.45a.
The sensor made a great job here too. But Of course you need to see the Out Of Cam shot to make your own mind:

Out of cam

To be total honest I prefer the RAW file wich happens to be very closed to the reality. The buildings were a hair brighter but I think it’s OK.

Another shot a few minutes later from my window with view over the lake, still out of cam, just with added black borders :

FUJI E-X1, out of cam

I really love the nuances with the light. Fuji is a master company when it comes to films and lenses. And this small tiny cam embodies its experiences.


Here above another RAW file.

It’s great cam for landscapes and the pictures shot in A-mode are OK. My next review will be about landscapes shot with a light meter.

More to come…


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