A week with my Fuji X-e1

I know it sounds weired.

But there isn’t going to be any pictures in this post. Not that I have given up or resigned photography, but today’s blog is more about small things I have noticed about the FUJI X-e1 durind this passed week.


I love this camera : small, light, good image quality.
But there are small things I have noticed on the way that buggs me a little although there must be a reason why DSLR have their home aside my Fuji. My Fuji is not a AF-Warrior, meaning by that it is not as fast as my SONY or NIKONs. but still, since I have the new firmware, it has become better. But forget it if you are a sport shooter and you don’t practice zoom focus. Many photog in the past used to : ISO400, f9 or f11  so you know your depth of field, which used to me mentioned on the lenses back in the days. So in fact, they shot in A-Mode or metered the light before so they only had to frame and shoot. I guess this is how to use the “sexy one” if you want to make some quick street shots or sports.

What I like (not love) is that you can your picture right after it’s shot in the view finder (= FV). It’s cool so you see if you have messed up with something like you haven’t hange the ISO or you still have an Exposure Correction set. You see it in the VF and not in the display. It’s cool. But on the other hand, you have to wait a short moment to see the pic disapear and before you can refocus and shoot. Bad for subject in motion. Of course you can fix that, but it cost me a few nice shots. Again, not a real problem, but GRRRRR !

The menues are really well done, and I have to say, NIKON should see what other brands do because within a snap I was able to navigate and set the cam the way I wanted without having to throw a look in the owner’s manual. Which I did as I want to know my gears by heart.

Today I was at the firecenter of my town. The firefighters are celebrating today their 140th birthday and I was pride to follow them one year with my cam, NIKON D90 and D700. I made portraits with smoke and strobes and Ihave to thank, even if have no clue who I am, Mister Joe McNally for the video Kelby1 video where he shows how to shoot firefighter and also Frank Doorfhof, the guy I want to get to know for his videos about adding smoke in a shot. That being said, the officials thanked me and gave me a few wine bottles from the area!   🙂

It was nice to do these jobs on a voluntary basis as also are active to save lives for… free.

Okay folks, new comments about my FUJI-XE1 will follow!

Have a nice Sunday and stay tuned!







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