Shooting Spiderman in my room !


I have to admit, I am a little photo addicted. But I don’t see that as being bad. It’s just the way it is. When I see an interesting face or person, I just start to think where I would put my main light. Would it be a soft light, a wrapping one or a hard light? A strip from behind?… Hum, I really have to think to look at somewhere else because I don’t want to bother anyone and I agree my way to stare at people may be quite insistent. Way too much, and this can be interpreted in an other way. A not so convenient for me at the end of the day. And of course nobody will trust me and believe my (real) version of facts.

This is to explain that I am always thinking about new ideas or subjects. In a previous post I have written about self-assignements. Here is one. As I travel quite a lot, those periods away from home are most of the time periods with no picture taken. And I don’t like that. I have read an article about a french photog who made a great serial about Batman. He was on business-trip and he bought a BATMAN toy for his son. As his planes would not take off because of heavy storms  he spent a night at the Hotel and started to shoot Batman in different stories. His work became famous in France.

I don’t aim to become famous the same way, but the idea to create interesting stories in tiny spaces interests me. And Spiderman is small so I can take him anywhere with me.

The picture was shot with my new FUJI Ex1 at ISO 6400. Nik-Software define2 made a great job. The result was way too warm and I had to cold the WB. I applied a vignette + high pass filter and I was done. Now, The shot is interesting because of the drama of the light set up. But what was the light? Well a lightbulb behind a cheap white light diffuser you find in every hotel room. As I could not take the light out of the wall, I had to but my buddy where I needed him to be. I put him on the right side of the light source. I just paid attention to still have details on the left side of his head.


There is a super hero in each of us !

Here to get to the Batman thing mentioned above : bring me to him, Robin! 🙂

more to come…





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