How do I get Analog Efex Pro 2 ?

Hi everyone!

The guys at NIK-Software, a Division of Google since Google bought NIK, have released a new version of their top Pluggin Analog Efex Pro (AEP).

Pluggin Analog Efex Pro (AEP) is a great pluggin that simulates the films. But it’s more than that, it’s also an effects collection. Some may say it’s an Instagram thing and that’s partially true in my eyes. But not only for you can set all the effects up and play with them and save them as well. It uses the U-Point Technology. It’s great!!!

How do you get ?
1) Just get there :
2) Click on TEST (up right).
Now, if you already have bought the Bundle in the past, the update is free, the trial’s limitations will be automically removed.
But, if you haven’t, you will have to pay the 149 USD, but you will get we entire bundle, meaning by that all the NIK’s products which are great anyway.

Here a few videos about what you can do with it:


More to come…


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