Nothing worth to shoot? Look at this !

Among the things that somehow let us not take the cam in our hands, one of them is the lake of inspiration. At least for guys like me, a JAGWAC. And in these moments the word that pop up in mind are : “I don’t see anything interesting to shot here”.

It can’t be true.

It’s all a question of point of view and of light.

Already heard of Edward Weston ? He was one the first US-photog. I won’t tell his life in this post. If you want to read more about who he was,  see related links below, it’s worth the 5 minutes by the way.
My point is this: Do you think a paprika is interesting ? Also in black and white ?

Now watch this :

So if something is boring to shoot, make it interesting with the lighting. Do do it, use strobes, reflectors, shutter speed, gels…

More to come…


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