Self critics of my shooting

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Even when you are, like me, Just A Guy With A Cam, meaning by that, that you don’t shoot for a living, having a shooting the day after causes stress. I guess pros stress because they must provide results, pictures their clients will love and at the end of the day, this why they get hired. For someone like me, it’s different: I don’t have to perform. But as I LOVE shooting, making a nice looking picture, I take it very seriously. My stress is : I hire a model, I rent a studio, I hire a MUA. My shooting, before I even press the shutter is already costing me at least 150/200 EUR.

Out of Cam / Blog

Well, nothing will answer the pro. Well 200 EUR for fun, it’s not nothing for a guy who has also bills to pay, the shooting adds some on the top of them.

Out of Cam / Blog

Anyway, thursday was the D-Day. And the day before the model and I, we started to think about dresses and make-up. I already had made the decision to shoot only with one light. The reason is that I think it is the best way to understand light and to learn how to get the most of it. You have to learn to play with things like reflectors, up light, back light, low/high, close/far, which forces you to question yourself.

Out of Cam / Blog

I am quite happy with the results, but I have learned a lot, again. And I have decided to share my thoughts and I have taken out of my failures / mistakes.

I also will add shots straight from the cam, with no retouching.

1) I wanted to shoot with my old good buddy, my trusty D700. And my SONY. This is when I have realized they the hotshot is not compatible with my triggers… (My SONY is a gift and I haven’t shot in studio before). So I did take a cable.
But here is the thing : I simply forgot to take my Nikon. Don’t ask me why. I just did, and I don’t like to shoot when I don’t know how to set the cam. I have spent 30 minutes to master the AF which was set to focus any time on anything. Well, humm… This is when I have decided to instaure a new rule : each shooting will have a checklist.

Out of Cam / Blog

2) Batteries. Yes, yes… You got it. Luckily they were some available at the studio.
And this leads me to the second learn effect: Instead of having a lot of stuff to pack, I should have a tool case with all the things I need for shoot already in it. Next time, when I go to the studio, I will just have to take it and I have all what I need. I have bought it yesterday and I already used it today.  I even bought a second one designed for fragile things. Here go in my Quadra and my 2 A-Heads. 2 cases, done!

Out of Cam / Blog


I shot with a SONY a700 + Sync cable at ISO 200 with a 70-200 f/4-5,6
I meter the light with a light meter aiming at the light source according to Frank Doorhof.


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