Bad days – There’ll be days like this!

Well, some days, nothing’s going right.

You have got the photo-concept, you have motivated your models, here some relatives of mine, and finally you make it to get in to the car and drive to the location.

I swear, as I took all my gears out of the car, there was just a little nice breeze. A few minutes later, I had to give up the idea of shooting thru a umbrella as it was already blown away and I was luckily enough to catch my light stand at the very latest moment. I just could shot 11 frames, only 2 were sharp enough. This one of them:

Ulli et Sophie

And before we knew it, it was a such a wind we had to wrap up and get home as fast as we could.

Now guess what : 30 minutes later –> No wind!


As said, there are days like this…


This was shot with a Quadra from Elinchrom and a A-Head with the light diffusor soled with it. Actually the light is soft enough, it does a pretty good job, suprisingly. I metered the light with my sekonic and I was done.

More to come…


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