Use One Light and Play With It

Miss BlueI love classics. I love them because they are good and survive the filter of time. Which is why the become classics.

They may get out of fashion, but they never disappear. When I shout women, I love to use a big light source because it’s soft and and wraps the subject perfectly well. And still, you can easily create contrasts like on the picture above: Just place a huge softbox at 9 o’clock (you are at 6), grab a reflector and place it at 3 and you’re done.

Miss Blue


Almost the same setup : the main light, this time is set at 8 o’clock !

This second shot was some kind of tricky to shoot. Tricky in the sense that the gold reflector was just a few centimeters away from her shoulder. Note how the reflection on her neck is stronger.

My TIP :  Learn to use one light, to talk to it, to modify it, to reflect it, to move it… Just play with it and enjoy the results. Frank Doorhof ( who is a fashion photographer and Kelbyone trainer always says it : if you want to do it with 2 lights, do it with one… ! I always do it in my TFP Shoots I do mainly in Vienna.

Here an interesting link :

More to come…





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