Do we need new DSLRs?

I have always the same question coming out of the mouth of colleagues of mine : ” Hey Marc, do you think this lens makes  a great job?” or “Should I buy the D800e?”


Miss U - Glamshot


And my answer to them is “I don’t know”.

Now of course, it is a little provocative from me. My opinion is that it depends on your expectations. But to be totally honest, it depends how much you are easy to be a victim of the Marketing Gods.
What I mean is : I almost shoot always at f8 or f11 at ISO200 or ISO800, sometimes more, but not often.
And yes, I shoot RAW.
And in M-Mode.

Miss U - Glamshot

So by doing this, I reject a lot of stuff that brands advertise.
And the sensors nowadays are so great that I do not see any reason to buy an expensive camera or lens. The worst camera of today would have been the best of the bests twenty years ago. Where all shots bad that time?

But if you are a pro, it will be expected you have gears normal people don’t. But, looking at the shots, I am not sure that studio /strobists shooters notice a difference while watching at their pics done with d80 or d7000 or d800. Look at the shots made by Joe McNally for instance. As a Nikon Ambassador for Northern America, I guess we would say something else. But when I look back and compare my shots, I see an evolution in terms of mastering the light and composition. But I could not say which shot was done with such or such camera. And so my friends neither : they just could not guess.

Miss U - Glamshot

Now this had its limitations : If you need high ISO or you shoot sports, gears may have a strong impact on your results. But how many times will my colleagues ever shoot sports like a pro?…

That’s why I stick to my d700 for shootings. And do you like these shots ? So was it Canon ? Pentax ? Nikon ? It was Fuji… or maybe SONY?
Can you say that ?

Miss Blue
Besides, we all use photoshop to change the shots. So, does the camera really matter ?


more to come…



(PS : It was my back up cam : SONY a700)


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