Shooting in Bad Light

Sometimes the elements are all against  you.

The light is harsh, the wind becomes stronger and stronger. You set an shoot-thru umbrella to soften the light but the wind is so strong that you have to place it in a way it does not cover entirely the subject… Unless you take the risk to see your umbrella go with the wind.


So, I NOW have a solution against the wind : weights in plastic bags I put down on the stands. I Made a test : 7 kilos are are OK for a little breeze. The shots below are nice but perfectible, I love harsh light and contrasts but here, it goes too far. And the shadow of the umbrella does not cover the model entirely which is not pleasing.




Both are shot in A mode at f/5 to get a blurry background. f/2,8 was not possible even at ISO 200, it was still too much light.
We will give it another try.


More to come…


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