2 Tips for beginers

Back in the days I was shooting with a Nikon d40 I really loved. It was a very affordable camera with a very nice feel when you pressed the shutter. And the sensor was pretty OK. Not a ninja, but ok for street photography.
At this time., I went thru all the clichés : I claimed to be an artist, I put watermarks on my pics, borders, etc…

This shot is from this period. I loved it and I still have it on my wall today.

Here is my tips of the day :

1) Shoot for you because you enjoy the process of shooting and don’t look for recognition (do it, but much later in the future)

2) Sometimes, there is almost no time for your hobby. You can manage a little time, but not the few hours needed for studio shoot. When things go like this, then keep it small and look for quality instead of quantity.

Have a nice soccer evening (Algeria is leading 4/1 vs. Korea) !

more to come…


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