Just have fun

Sidewalk in LA

I often tell my friends they should plan something : the idea, the light, the models, the style, and… Of course this a good advice, and your pictures will have a very good starting point from where you build on and this makes your creativity go to the next level.


USA 2013

But many of us don’t have the time for this, because they have a job, kids, wife (or wives… ehe!), or simply do not have the patience for this. And there are other, like me, who manage to have time even when they don’t. But the thing is that when it becomes a must, your satisfaction factor goes lower because you shoot less and the result may not be as good as expected. But when you succeed,then that’s a bull eye shot!

Barcelona, Spain, Summer of 2013

But there are days I simply what to have fun, not to bother that much about light metering and just shoot spontaneously.


Days you just want to catch the moments.

Mit Snapseed bearbeitetes Bild

These periods are important to refuel ideas and motivation. I don’t think a fashion photographers is always having great ideas and that a photo-teacher is always 100% motivated to teach. As artists, I thing they must have a private garden where they shoot what they want, just for them.

I know photographers who stopped shooting for them. They only shoot on assignment. But where is the pleasure?

WE Ramsau 2013 Mit Kathrin und Boris

What do you think about that, do you feel the same ?

More to come…


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