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Do pictures need to be sharp to be good? At the end of the day, what makes a good picture is picture which was able for some reason to create an emotional inter reaction between the viewer and the image. And sometimes a picture works because of its mood, not because of the sharpness. And when I look back and think about the best pictures I have seen, there almost all were pictures of love, war, nudes, which all have in common that they reached me on an emotional level even if they were all different.

At Getty's Museum

Sometimes it’s just a game with the colors or the contrasts. Or because for the people on them. A picture of my mother playing guitare (Stratocaster) at the age of 75 my be funny for most of you. And surely it is. But this picture has a totally different dimension since it is not an old Lady but my mother.

Emotions rule the world. It’s almost everywhere: in advertising, in politics, in arts…

Are selfies a new thing?
Well, yes. But self portraiture always existed. Even in jets!

The new thing is that pilots do not wear glasses nowadays.

more to come…


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