US flag in sunglasses, my comments about the making of !

Looking toward the new world

The idea of the shot above might not be very original. But when it is well done, it always rocks!
Does this one rock? Hum… No.
But it goes in the right direction.

Shooting as a hobby photographer is difficult, it’s trail thru failures and frustrations with success from times to times. And this one is OK.

It was shot in Austria, in our garden. Miss U is standing very close to the US-flag which is sticked to a background system from Wallimex. As soon as I had set this guy, it became windy. And wind always makes me nervous on the field.

When I say close, I mean very close, maybe 30cm from it. The flag is lit by an Elinchrom strobe (250W) with no light modifier to make sure the light goes in every directions and lits the flag entirely. To darken the background, I killed the ambiant light thank to my shutter speed set at 200 of a second. They say I can go for higher speed (1/250) but in practice it does not work as it should.

I used a nikon d700 with a 24 to 70mm, f/5, ISO 200. I metered the light with my light meter, a very good sekonic.

It was not easy NOT to be on the glasses.

Another thing I have learned during this shooting is that the flag was way to small to have enough room to move around my subject. If Ulli backs up, the flag becomes very small in the glasses. I did the best I could with one light, 45 minutes (setup + shoot) and I made 30 frames or so.

If you already struggled with this kind of shots, please share your experience!

More to come…


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