Behind the Scene – US Sunglasses

Behind th

As I mentioned prior to the this post, the setup is very easy, it’s a 2 lights setup.
The first light is the available light. I first metered it so I could see at what level I would fight against it with my strobe. I hoped to get a relatively low aperture to be able to blur the background a little and fortunately it happened to go that way.

I have received many question about the way I set the flag : was it added in PS? Was it there ? Well, In this shot above, your questions are answered. And yes, the guy with the yellow T-shit, that’s me !

Another question I have received was : Why do you take the US-flag although you are French ? Well for 2 reasons. Number one – I love the time I have been lucky to spend there on vacation and number two – I love its graphic. The lines, the red, the stars. It’s more appealing that the French or Austrian’s flags. I think EU, UK (yes Pete!) or german offer more visual punch. Don’t look here for political orientations, there are none.


More to come !


3 thoughts on “Behind the Scene – US Sunglasses

  1. I love the images with this flag in mate on your Flickr stream, although I haven’t commented there yet. Great setup and as always thank you for sharing the setup, you have been sharing some very very well produced images lately. As for the flags….We all know the Jack rules !

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