David Lachapelle at OSTLICHT GALLERY

Hi Guys!
This blog is not only about my experiences or my photographies. It’s also about all the things I like or dislike all around this very big topic, like… exhibitions.

Went today to the  OSTLLICHT GALERIE in Vienna to see an exhibition by David LaChapelle.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-17 um 14.22.14




David LaChapelle is an american photographer who has crazy ideas where fantasy dream and erotic play together. Male nudity also takes an important place in his work in the sense it appears not as the main topic of his pictures but it is often to be seen. Another signature of his are the saturated colors.

One can like or dislike it, but his pictures are almost always the result of a set up of  situations that never occure in real life. He once said ” If you want to see the reality, take the bus! ”

His website

You can find some his most famous pictures on the Gallery part.

What wikipedia says about him

Ostlicht Galerie

More to come…



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