5 Tips to make locations more interesting

If you haven’t read my previous post go read it first to fully get the purpose of this article.
It’s there.

Number one : have a clear concept of what you want to shoot as a result. This means the shoot begins long before you grab the cam.

Number two : While thinking about the lightings, here are a few questions you should ask yourself: What colors (complementary, contrasts)? Flat light? Drama? Backlight? Rime-light?

Number three : Use strobes which can just add a touch. This is often a problem since they throw a lot of power. In order to control your light, use grey gels to down the power or go for continuous lights.

Number four : Think your strobes as touches of light, not as a global thing. “where do I want red?” Then set the red. “Where do I want green?” Then set the green. Pay attention that those lights don’t interfere together.

Number five : Your main light gives the shot. Use a light meter to get the proper exposure as a start to play from. Then get creative with it, but always on purpose. In the picture below, my balance between main light (strobe with a grid + CTO) and the green is OK, but it is killing my red. I think a good way to go is to forget the strobe with the grid and use a snoot. Or a snoot with grid to focus my main light on her. As you see, we never stop to learn.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-30 um 20.22.40

More to come…


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