Make it more interesting

We all know that : we have a shooting, the model is there, everyone is there but the it happens to be that the location is… just a kind of heee… It was supposed to be spectacular but in fact it’s just boring and nothing special.

That’s a typical situation photographers may encounter and have to deal with when shooting on location. In studio you rule, in the field, you cope. GIs learn that plans for the battles are perfect but just don’t exist any longer as soon as they meet the enemy.

I have thought a lot about the situation and the results of my thoughts (I usually think about such stuff when I drive) is this. IF THE LOCATION IS BORING, MAKE IT INTERESTING! And to do so, play with the light.

That was the theory part, now let’s go for it!

Here is the location. A nice leaving room, which is actually my leaving room:

Make it more interesting

Not that I don’t like my place, but honestly, it is not a great location to shoot. So now, let’s make it spicy !

Make it more interesting

It’s a 3 lights setup : one flash with a red gel, another with a CTO aimed at the model and a last one with a green gel.

Make it more interesting

Nothing complicated, just a game with the light.

more to come…


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