I might be the last guy on Earth who has seen this video.

This video is shot by Zack Arias, at a period of his life when many things were going not so good. As a photographer, you want to be successful and he wasn’t, at least not as much as he wanted. We all experience that. And this applies far beyond the fotog-world. When I look at my old pictures today, I just see wasted time, energy, and money. Zack was asked to write a guest post in Scott Kelby’s blog. Instead of writing, he shot this video:

I am not talented. I just want to have fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But deep inside of me, I wish I were.

And then I look around me and see the fotogs I know, mostly all hobby-fotogs or wannabees : one made a book, the other has had an exhibition, these one just won a prize, ect… And what do I do? They are all so much better than I am and better on the road. Zack describes this in a way I could never do. He is talented. Fuck! Another one…

I have from time to times such thoughts. Fortunately, I don’t shoot for a living, and I am not up to that. But still, I love photography. One day, R, a mate from Photoclub who is a pro told me he loves my shots. He loves them because he sees my pleasure in them and the fun I share with the models.

I could not believe that the guy I admire actually admires me…

Zack had the same situation.

I am trying to say is this : Just do your thing and don’t look at the others. Don’t compare yourself. Stop to look for your hits at Flickr, just love what you do or do something else. And if you love it, just don’t give up on doing your thing. Just because you love it.


5 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. You’ve known me in this online world for some time now Marc, enough that I would gladly meet you for a beer. I couldn’t have put what you’ve said any better myself. I look at your stuff and think it’s amazing, and you are more than capable of shooting for a living. As for the rest, I only ever shoot for me, and although it’s nice to hear kind words about it from others, I couldn’t actually give a shit if anyone but me likes it ! Keep writing and shooting dude, you produce great content with both.

    1. Hi mate! Yes it’s true I guess we know each other for two years now. Time flies… because of an unforgettable shot of yours I saw in Flickr!

      Thank you very much for your kind words. And don’t worry, I will keep on photographing! 😉

      Writing is actually harder but it’s also a very cool thing. It’s also a way to practice and improve my english. I have a brand new idea, but… It’s still confidential !

      1. Votre anglais est meilleur que mon français 🙂
        I can’t remember which shot of mine it was when you first added me, but yes it seems a long time ago now. I know how it is when you get a flat patch in your creativity, I get it a lot. And I look forward to seeing your new idea 🙂

  2. Great video and great article – and … not only the artist has this moments. Any business person, every athlete, every author everyone who want to create something, needs this moments of change. Keep going.

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