Why you need a real friend or an editor

Now you have learned a lot about ISO, shutter speed, lights, lightmeter, stands,… you want feedbacks.

Who gives you feedbacks?

Your relatives? Yes but most of the time, your family wants to be nice. They see how you struggle and you spend hours in Photoshop. And they don’t mean it bad when they tell you “yes honey, it’s a nice shot” even if it’s obvious it sucks so much, even a cat would run away. They love you. They don’t want to hurt you and crush your dreams.

Your colleagues? They tell the truth or not? Hard to say. If the shot is good, they will tell it. If it’s bad, they won’t because they don’t want you to be mad at them. You should understand that since there is a meeting in ten minutes where you and them have a project to show… Some of them will tell you the truth, but it’s hard to find such a guy. It has to be a colleague and a friend. But as they are not so much interested in your passion, they will check one, five or maybe ten pictures. But not more. at least not with the same interest. And that’s OK.

Your friends? hopefully you have one.  🙂  Well, if you are friends you already know if (s)he is a “yes it’s sooo great” sayer or if  (s)he says what (s)he truly thinks. You had time to notice that in the past. I am very fortunate to have a great buddy, Boris,  who reviewed my pictures a few days ago (~5000). I was not expecting technical advises, at the end of the day what I needed was just a “yes, this one rocks, this one doesn’t). But actually he did give an appreciation, pointing at the fact I am a compostion-guy more than a portrait-guy. Such advises are very helpful.

Your Online Gallery? No, you get only good comments from people who wants you to click at their own gallery. forget the hits, forget those comments, they are bull…

A pro photographer? Well, I guess that’s the best way to go. They will tell you without emotion what’s good and what’s not. And they have a deeper insight since they know the technic. They say it’s bad because that, that and that and they can tell you the way to go. I did that in the past. But he also was a buddy of mince. What I need is someone who can see and who understands. Frank Doorhof for instance does portfolio reviews. Hum… It’s time build one now !  🙂

Boris, my honest friend with his sharp look ! Thank you so much for help !




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