I hate hospitals.

As far as I remember, I have always hated to go to the hospital. Who likes it? Well, I guess the very few of us. Probably docs.

As a child I remember the long waiting times seating on a chair to be the next one to get in. My mom took my hand end I was pretty scared. Many years later, as soldier having a little surgery, I could note that the smell is still the same. I had become an adult, but as soon as I was at the hospital I had the feeling it was not true, being treated as kid : clothes off, pyjama from the place, always someone coming in and out without knocking on the door… My will, my wishes… gone, you have become a body to cure and you’ve lost all that builds your humanity.


Sure, I know doctors save lives in hospitals. I know all that and 10 minutes in front of ER on TV makes you understand what it is about. But every time I cross the doors of hospitals, I can’t help but think this is where people are born and where they… die.





When I am there, I feel this ambivalence, and as a result I sense a tension.

I have tried to catch it in the shot above. The light provides a kind of drama. The temperature of light is cool. If you have been thinking :” what’s this? and why is this bed empty? ” as you saw the shot, then I have reached my goal. When I saw this bed, I could not help but wonder if the guy who was in it before was still alive. Sounds wired or crazy, but the idea he could have been released with a smile on his face did not cross my mind.

If you can feel that tension, then this shot works. This shot is a way to say : “Go away, may God or Fate make I will never get close to you!”

Can you sens this disturbing feeling in this shot?


This was shot with a fuji EX1, postpro: I applied a BW preset in Exposure 5 and I mixed the result with the original.


More to come…


One thought on “Hospital

  1. Hi Marc, thought your blog about the hosp bed was very interesting, as was the patients view on things, having worked in hosp (theatres) for nearly 30 years it’s good sometimes to hear what the patient thinks of things, we can get lost sometimes in our own world and forget!

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