Have you ever experienced shooting on location with strobes?
Here is the thing : the last times I did, it became windy within a snap! I need a very stable stand. And this when I have started to flirt buying a C-Stand instead of a normal stand.

I know it has to be expensive : the gears on it are expensive so it must high quality. It don’t want to see 800€ getting lost because I wanted to save 50€ on the tripod or my light stand (I think 1€ is 1,34€, don’t ask me for GBP conversion please !  🙂    ).

On Kelbyone videos, I have heard about C-Stands. Joe McNally uses them and says they are heavy and stable. I buy what I can see and take in my hand. Unfortunately, it looks like they are hard to find in Austria…

Last summer, while visiting the Warner Bro’s studio in LA, well actually it is Burbank if I remember the ticket placed on my windscreen, I could see one of these and I was sold. That’s what I need.

I have bought mine on Amazon. It seems there aren’t many retailers here in Austria. It’s a C-Stand Avenger. What’s weird is that it is an italian product (Manfrotto) which seems to be more popular in the US than here in Europe! 🙂


I have just unboxed it and I’ll give shot tomorrow!

More to come…


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