A few words about Fuji EX1

A few words, it does not mean a long review.

Having it now for a few month, I have to say  I like it very much and I use it very often. The reasons are easy to understand : it’s small, has no weight, a great captor. Pics are very sharp.
But it doe not match all my needs.

It’s an awesome camera for pictures without strobes. And for motives which are not too fast. The Autofocus is normal. It’s not a warrior. And the EVF is not smooth enough for making sure to have the shot while panning. But for landscapes or portraits, it’s a nice guy to have with.Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-06 um 17.27.02

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-06 um 17.36.44

I love the colors direct out of camera. I only use Topaz filters when I go for moody shots where I do not want to stay trusty. Zack Arias says he has a special emotional connection to his Fujis. I Am afraid to say I don’t. I like my fuji very much because I can take it with me anytime, but it could not replace entirely my Sony or my nikons. Because they are different and fill different needs for different situations.

Now some of you will ask me ” Hey Marc, If you could only take ONE camera with you, what it be? ” There is no right or wrong answer to that question. If I would not use flashes, I would say “Fuji Ex1!” But as I love to use my Quadra on location, I would say “Any DSLR”. With a good 24-70mm which is my workhorse.




It’s just a tool. They all are soooo damned good! And they all provide good results when you shoot at 1/125 of a second, f/8! And outside, I almost never shot about 1600 ISO…

Due to some business trips and stomach dysfunctions, I haven’t yet used my new C-stand, But I am going to catch up very soon!

more to come…


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