Small Setup for Great Effect

Actually this is exactly what I need for many reasons : I like being quick when I am shooting friends and relatives since they are not as patient as TFP-Models (by the way I am in Vienna, so if you are a model – male or female – let me know!) or paid models, I have to be quick and here is an easy way to achieve this.

What do you need?

A fancy background + a nice pose + hair + dress + make up + a reflector… In other words, you need a way to get a nice light when there’s none. It was harsh light so I had to go in the shade, where the light is flat. Hum… So you need to bring some light into the picture, and this is where my reflector really helps : I set it on a light stand on a special grip. I aim it at her and I am done. I only then have to lead my model.
Kärnten SEPT 2014-159-Bearbeitet Kopie
I loved the lines of the background, it emphases the belly’s curves somehow!

more to come!


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