Easy and effective setup, Version II

Hi everyone!

How is it going? I have noticed some interest about my shot with gel on location and I thought I could give a little more information.

How do you get a shot like this one ?

  • Use gels
    Use an orange gel on your strobe. The one I used is from a DJ Shop. Then set your white balance at 3200 and it would do the job. If you shoot RAW, you can adjust any way in Postproduction. The good way to go is to use a grey (18%) card if you want to have a natural light at the spot the model hold the card. In my shot, I did not use a card since I was not looking for a natural feel.
  • Use a light meter
    It’s easy : enter the Iso, aim it to the light, Flash, read the f-Stops, adjust and/or set you cam. Done. No need for 10 or 20 test-shots. One is enough with this piece of gear. Old fashioned? Well, I have a crazy agenda, so if it helps me to be quick, I don’t care if I am old-fashioned or not.
  • Find a location, find a model and find a style
    Shitty location = shitty shot. Get the best you have and don’t expect people to be indulgent. They don’t care if it was not possible to put the thing away from the frame or if the car behind could not be removed. It simply does not interest anybody. So get the right place when you shoot. Same thing applies for models and style.
  • Play with S-speed
    S influences the amount of available light. Your limits are overexposure and 1/250″ (=sync speed of your camera).
    If you have set the strobe at ƒ8, then measure the light with the lightmeter. Let’s say you get 1/125″. This means at 1/125″, the available light will be perfect caught in your cam. Then go for a faster time, your model will still be shot at ƒ8 and will be perfectly lit while the available light around her/him will get darker.

Okay, enough for today, you get the idea! If you have any questions just drop me a line.

At the lake!

Shot at ƒ14 – 1/160″ – ISO 200 – 70mm
Strobe : One maxilight to get a lot of power to counter fight the sun with an orange gel


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