Mini Spot lite from Elinchrom

For years I have bought this piece of gear, a Mini Spot Lite from Elinchrom. To be honest, I might used only once or twice since I have been quite disapointed by the result. And, I can remember I had to use some editing in Photoshop to make the expected effect noticeable. Check the shadow of window behind the lady here to understand what I mean.

So I wanted to give it another try.

I wanted to shoot those flowers in a vase on our livingroom. And I thought I would give myself an assignement : Use the MSL again.

Not an easy thing to do and seeing the result, I would say I failed. Again. But failures are build the roads to success. It’s not that I don’t like the shot. It’s just, it is simply something 100% from what I was expecting. It’s very contrasty, very moody, very dramatic. I actually was going for a kind of wet-plate-shot style. As always, walking leads you to unknown places.

Dead Flowers II

So this light modifier is not a piece of gear I might use every day, but but when I go for something experimental, I think it makes sense to take it out of its box and make the shots.

More to come…


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