To my dear German and Austrian buddies !

Hi Everyone or Grüß Gott !

Ok, I am a french guy living in Vienna, AT, so will write this post in English.

I have always wandered where I can get a C-Stand. I shoot a lot in studio and on location. And I always have concerns about the stability of my light stands. As soon as I use a big light modifier, I get nervous because of the wind or because of the weight hanging at the top of the boom… I never had any issue, but…

I searched the web and have found a retailer on Amazon. But he only had a kit and not many compatible tools like clamps or magic arms, etc…

So I wrote an email to Manfrotto. It went more or less like this : “Bonjourno! Why the FuXx do you sell C_stands in the US but it is impossible to get one in Vienna!!!” No answer.

Long story short, I have finally called a company in Köln named Avenger. They don’t ship to Austria these &$§L@#*y>, but they gave me that link (OK, peace now!) :

So If you need a pro-Source for your photographical needs, that’s the place to go!


More to come!


Miss J And the link between the pic and the topic of this post? Well, It could have been shot with a C-Stand ! 🙂


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