It’s Guest Blog Today Featuring Pete Glogiewicz !


Some time ago now Marc asked me if I’d like to write a guest piece for his blog. He said
“No rules. It only has to be about you and photography”. At the time I thought that this would be easy. How wrong could I be !

Introductions first, I’m Pete, I’m 30 something, and I live in the UK, I have been acquainted with Marc via the internet for some time now, and it’s only through unfortunate timing that we haven’t met up for the beer he owes me. I’m father to two kids and to their annoyance they often end up being the subject of my photography.
My photography, is a very eclectic mix of techniques and subjects, and it’s going to be very hard to write about it because it’s such a personal thing to all of us. The reason I shoot ? is because I enjoy it, and find complete emotional release within it.

My style changes with my mood, and my use of Photoshop in post-production varies from “Never”


to “Complete and utter fantasy”


I started my photographic journey on Film in the late 90’s and have boxes and boxes of prints from this era, at some point I’ll get round to scanning some of them, but for the moment they are rarely dug out for a glance, which is one of the bad parts from the film era. I started shooting on a Praktika BC-1 which I still own and use. As with all of my gear since, it was a gift, an obsolete unused piece of gear that someone had finished with.

Through my entire photographic journey I have NEVER bought a brand new camera body, and hve only bought 2 new lenses, all the rest of my gear is second hand or gifted to me. And this leads me on to the next point I want to make.Recently I was out on an assignment for a local charity, and was photographing their Biannual fundraising event. I was approached by a “pro” photographer, who took great delight in taking the piss making fun of my dated gear.

This annoyed me greatly, especially when I saw the quality of his Pro work.

I produce images for Me, I work to a brief for others only very occasionally and the rest of the time I shoot for fun. And that’s what “Mr Pro” couldn’t understand.


Having great gear doesn’t make you a great Tog.

Having the vision and the ideas, coupled with the passion and drive to follow it through does.


I’ve made a lot of DIY light mods over the years, and will use anything to hand to produce my image, like with this water drop shot

"Plop" 4th July 2012 #214
I’d never really done one before, So I just had a go. No fancy equipment, no ultra high speed flash just some stuff from round the house.
Water Drop Setup
But my true passion is making the images which pop into my head.

I really couldn’t explain where my inspiration comes from, and it can be random at the best of times. I know that one of the reasons that Marc and I ended up in contact was because he is often amused at how random my stuff is. So I guess that sums up me as a photographer the best, I get an idea, and I don’t care if it might not be to everybody else’s taste, I do it, I like to see my ideas as an image. It is in my opinion, the best and only way to shoot.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much talking about myself, but If there’s one piece of advice it’s this.

You make the images, not the collection of plastic and glass in your hand !


Pete is on Flickr, please check his amazing Gallery !


More to come…


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