2 Tips To Notice When It’s Time To Move On!

Hi everyone!

Today’s blog isn’t about technique. It’s not about how you can set up lights. Not about the gears or tips in photoshop. Today’s blog is about facing the truth about your talent or, better said, your lake of it.

Oh yes, I can remember how things were when I started to shoot as a hobby photog’. It sucked. I did not see it and I was proud of myself. And my dear friends, very nice guys, told me what I so obviously wanted to hear : “Man you’re good!!”. So I kept on. And there is nothing wrong with keeping on moving further in order to reach the next level.

But, at the same time, there are signals you should learn if you don’t want to experience avoidable situations. One of them, and this is dedicated to the ones who shoot people, is to learn when it’s time to move on or to wrap up.

While you learn, as a newbie, you are not-self confident, you control gears, light, background… and indeed you have to and then you have to drive your subject, to direct she/him. Not an easy thing at first and you get stressed. And I guess you need failures to learn what to do and how to fix the problem encountered.

As long as you are alone on the set, keep going practicing. But don’t forget you have wife/man who is baby-sitting and maybe waiting for you since you are back from business trip and he/she would love to share time with you. My strategy is to shoot my family, photographically I mean. But then, you have less time to get ready : your partner isn’t interested in ISO, ƒ-stops or whatever. They are just trying to be nice. But if you are like this :

“euhh, wait… Hum, yes, maybe your head, nooo… it was better before. Yes it’s good now, but why do you wear this (cheap) dress? would you mind being… Ho, the pic is shitty. Maybe this (cheap) dress was not so bad, could you….?…”

Then your dear partner gets bored. So, here is my 2 tips:

    If it’s a test shooting so to say, keep it short. One setup = one shooting. Set everything before, and then shoot only 30 minutes. And then, spend time with your relatives. The positive thing is that she/he will then accept to remodel because he/she knows you will be quick and you know when to stop.
    But sometimes we are so passionate that we don’t see the signal. So when you see your partner having a look like the one below, it’s time call the dogs because the hunt is over! Accept it, get mad (but don’t show it), wrap up and/or move on.

DSC_0931-Bearbeitet Kopie

This was the last shot of the test-shots. I noticed she is getting bored and that she wanders “Oh man, how long will take him before we start??? I want to watch “Sex in the City” on time…” So I said “Hey sweetheart, we are good now, get dressed!” Of course I was not. But I could make some changes on the way and I managed great shots I won’t upload here because they are not safe for work! 🙂

more to come…


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