It’s time to crush my shot !

DSC_2214-Bearbeitet Kopie

This picture was shot earlier this year and Boris was kind enough to be my sparring partner for this shooting.

Boris has a charisma, so if you think he does not look good on the picture above, I am the one to blame. Getting better is only possible with practice and constructive criticisms. So the idea of this blog today is to take a shot and to kill it. The shot, not the model. 🙂

First I would like to say what I like in this shot. I like the fact Boris in centered in the shot. I also like the fact that there is a separation between Boris and the background. There are different ways to get this you can combine. Here 2 ways are combined : I blurred the background by using a fast ƒ (4 or 5,6) + Boris is brighter than the black and colored-by-sticks wall. I like the light coming up from his desk. Actually this is a speedlight with an orange gel, one of those you get for peanuts in DJ-stores. I also like the fact you almost can see the text of the memos behind him. Thank this, the message becomes clear : we are in an office and this head shot is a so-called Corporate shot. I love drama and high contrast. My buddy Raphael think I shouldn’t push this too far and I guess he is right. This shot is on the edge. But it does not cross the line in my opinion. The light has a very fast fall off and which is typical for desk lamps, so it works here. The flip side of this lighting is it may be a little underexposed.

So now, what is not ok

  1. the collar is too bright
  2. the blueish hue coming from the right (window, natural light) should be brighter.
  3. No strong expression. But it also can be interpreted as self-confidence. But then it would have been stronger in the way you don’t ask your self it is this or that.
  4. Maybe Boris should be on the third line ( rule of third) on the right side.

Guys, fell free to write 5., 6. … in the comment field below.

more to come…


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