It’s Vegas !

I am not a travel photographer. What I like is guys with strobes. That being said I shoot on travel as a tourist who expects to bring nice shots back home.

Sin City is the place to be if you love colors and lights. My wife, my daughter and I don’t like Vegas this much but it was on our way to Zion National Park, Utah. We did not like the noise everywhere in the hotels/casino. But we enjoyed walking down the strip.

The shot below is what I love to do : you expect something original, it’s not. At least for U.S. residents, such bars are very common in the United States, but here in Europe, not really. So I decided to make a shot. Back home, months later, today actually, I have edited this picture. I think it’s more interesting in black and white… although the TV-screens have very nice saturated colors.

Look at the lines. Look at the composition : foreground, middle ground, background with this interesting guy almost have in a nap. Did he lost his fortune downstairs in the casinos ?

Las Vegas

July 2014 – Las Vegas -At the Twin Pics restaurant.

More to come…


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