First picture of the year

Hi guys!

Have yourself a happy new year!   🙂

At the hospital

My first picture of the year… was shot with a smart phone.
I guess that’s funny for a guy like me who owns tons of gear such as cameras, lenses, softboxes, C-Stands, Strobes,… but at the end of the day, when it comes down to capture a moment just for what it is, and not in a artistically perspective, the best camera is the one you carry with you. In that case, my trusty Samsung S4 Galaxy.

This shot of my wife is a good example. It was shot at the hospital. I hate hospitals, but this time, I was more than happy to get there since the two of us went in and the three of us came back home yesterday… I guess, I will train my how-should-I-shoot-a-baby skills this year!

I will check Flicker and 500px. I will also check if there is any class at and then let ideas run in my head until it has matured and is ready.

more to come…


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