It’s about being witness

Hi everyone!

2 weeks ago I was blessed to become father for the second time after an almost 18 years break. Photographically I first thought this would give me the opportunity to shoot a lot of pictures. Baby here, baby there… But for some reasons I can not explain… I am stuck. I simply look at Louise and imagine all the pictures I could do but when it would be time to stand up and get the gears, I feel the need to stay where I am and to hold her rather than light-meter.

But at the same time, some shots have to be done since time flies and never comes back. And when I get older, losing my hair, wearing glasses not only for reading, I will be happy to look at these pictures. It’s not about making art or being original. It’s about memories.

And this shot is an example about making memories. And also a picture to share with my parents and close friends. Photographically, it happened to be quiet a challenge. a) My oldest daughter like many teenagers doesn’t like being in front of the lens + it was her first shooting ; b) my youngest daughter loves to raise her arms right between face and camera!!! 🙂

I used a strip SB from Elinchrom (30 x 90cm), a lightmeter, an old camera (I guess you had not noticed that) which in this case was a Nikon D80 with a Zeiss 100mm on it. On an APS-C, this lens becomes a 150mm. This lens is sharp as a shark’s tooth.

I am happy with the result but I still believe I could have done better, well, It’s a very common feeling I guess…

More to come…



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